Reviewing Directors’ Fees 2024

Many boards are now considering benchmarking their directors’ fees against their peer group to ensure that they are remaining market competitive.

Our database of directors’ fees and time commitment has just been updated and contains the latest information to base your decisions on when reviewing directors’ fees.

Some key findings from our latest reports:
• over 50% of ASX Top 300 companies and ASX Property companies increased directors’ fees in 2023
• the median fee increase was 4%
• $1,500,000 was the median fee pool
• the typical meeting pattern was 11 board meetings, 5 audit committee meetings, 5 remuneration committee meetings and 4 sustainability committee meetings.

This year we offer two benchmarking options:

Option 1: We will prepare an independent report of the appropriate level of directors’ fees for your board based on the most comparable peers in terms of size (market capitalisation, revenue and profit), activities, workload and other relevant parameters.

Option 2: Using our latest 2024 edition of the Directors’ Fees Report, you may create your own comparison group using inbuilt variable selection from revenue, market cap, industry and meetings. The Report is supplied as an Excel file.

Our ASX NEDs’ Fees database gives the actual fee data for directors of ASX Top 300 companies and all listed property companies. It provides an easy to use excel report to benchmark fees and workload of Non-Executive Chairs and Directors of ASX Top 300 and ASX Property Companies including:

  • Board Fees for Chairs, Deputy Chairs and NEDs
  • Committee Fees
  • Number of Board and Committee Meetings
  • Fee Increases
  • Market Cap, NPAT, Revenue

and gives key statistics (average, median, 75th percentile) for benchmarking directors’ fees and market rates.

For more details contact Debra Moloney on 0492 974 041, or go to