Remuneration Reviews & Benchmarking

Through independent, objective assessments, Avdiev Report offers tailored remuneration reviews & benchmarking against your marketplace counterparts.

An independent, objective analysis of your company’s positions against the marketplace

Using the latest data from leading companies in property and related industries, Avdiev Report provides clarity that aligns with your dynamic change and growth goals, empowering you and your executives to make informed decisions.

We regularly undertake special remuneration reviews designed to benchmark companies, boards, divisions or individuals against their closest counterparts in the marketplace. In response to corporate governance requirements, we offer independent and objective assessments of director and executive remuneration for companies of all sizes.

Tailored and timely solutions for your remuneration requirements

Depending on your specific remuneration needs, Avdiev Report can provide the following options:

Concise remuneration review for one or more positions

This is a concise three page review of each position, plus a table and chart, benchmarking remuneration against closely comparable positions in the relevant sector of your market. It gives analysis of the fixed, variable and total remuneration components, advice on future remuneration movements and recommendations.

Specified cuts of the Avdiev Report database

This report is segmented by multiple metrics including turnover, assets under management, property size, location, structure, peer companies and past year series.

Analysis and graphical visualisations

Using visualisations such as bar and plot charts, we compare your positions’ remuneration with selected companies or relevant market segment.

Comprehensive research tailored to your requirements

We conduct many subject-specific surveys to obtain data on executives, teams, organisation structures and practices. Some research projects for clients have included: reward structures for income generation by equity partners and directors; short- and long-term incentive policies and practices for property investment companies; structure and amount of sales commissions.

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Our remuneration reviews and benchmarking reports in play

Here are some of the clients we’ve recently completed remuneration reviews for:

• Commercial real estate agency
• Property finance company
• Property development and investment company
• Residential land developer
• Property investment group
• A major fund
• Multidisciplinary consulting group
• Construction companies

We cover a broad range of work, providing timely data and impartial expertise for your specific sector.

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