About Avdiev Report

An Australian-owned boutique consultancy, the Avdiev Report has been an integral part of the Australian property scene for over 37 years, advising on remuneration policies and practices since 1987. We specialise in providing comprehensive, objective and timely remuneration and research data to the property industry and the wider business community.

Our flagship Property Remuneration Report is published every March, alongside a 4-page update in October. An annual report, it contains the latest data from leading companies in property and related industries for over 360 positions and over 16,000 incumbents. This remuneration database forms the basis of our specially tailored remuneration reports and research.

We also release the Non-Executive Directors Fees Reports annually every March, providing comprehensive board fees and meetings data. These reports are designed to assist you with benchmarking your board’s fees and workload to that of comparable boards with similar activities, size and workload.

Aside from our flagship reports, we also perform special remuneration reviews designed to benchmark companies, divisions or individuals against their closest counterparts in the marketplace.

Our Team

Debra Moloney

Principal and Lead Consultant

Building on extensive knowledge of business, company and executive research, Debra has been specialising in property remuneration consulting and research for over 25 years.

She has worked closely with clients on the Avdiev Report since 1995, performing research, development, benchmarking, data analysis and reporting for the Property Remuneration and Non-Executive Directors Fees Reports.

Allison Moloney


An experienced analyst and researcher, Allison participates in research assignments, develops and maintains the Avdiev Report databases and contributes to the compilation and preparation of reports.

Prior to her appointment at Avdiev Report in 2020, Allison’s earlier career has been in business research, human resources, project management, digital transformation and cloud services.

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