Non-Executive Directors Fees Reports 2024

2024 Non-Executive Directors Fees Reports by Avdiev Report

The Non-Executive Directors Fees Reports are released annually each March.

These board fees reports provide comprehensive data about fees and meetings, enabling you to compare your boards non-executive directors fees and workload to that of comparable boards with similar activities, size and workload.

There are two reports

  1. NEDs Fees Report: Top 300 All S&P/ASX300 Companies
  2. NEDs Fees Report: Property All GICS Real Estate Code

The NEDs Fees Reports provide:

Information included:

  • ASX Code
  • Industry Group
  • Home State
  • Market Capitalisation
  • Annual Revenue
  • Net Profit After Tax
  • Board and committee fees
  • Number of non-executive directors
  • Number of board and committee meetings held

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